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Aggregate sealing

At Powell's Pressure Washing we take exposed aggregate sealing seriously. That's why we have invested countless hours experimenting with different types of concrete sealers to find the best possible solution for our Louisville customers. With that said, our exposed aggregate sealants contain slip-resistant additives and consist of only the finest acrylics to ensure a sufficient seal that will last throughout the seasons.

Professional grade aggregate sealing will make your surfaces glisten and protect them from weathering and erosion. Many competitors seem to ignore the presence of an existing exposed aggregate sealer. Rest assured, the pressure washing and sealing pros at Powell's Pressure Washing always make sure they use the right amount of coating, according to the current condition of the substrate. For example, some surfaces contain less sealer from previous applications and require multiple coats.

In contrast, other jobs contain more and only require one. We start applying exposed aggregate sealing by spraying small sections of concrete at a time before back rolling the entire surface for a clean and uniform finish.

Create An Elegant Look By Staining Your Exposed Aggregate Concrete Patio

Exposed aggregate staining of borders and accents is a great way to add depth and contrast to your patios and walkways. As mother nature wears down sealer over the years, so does the color and stain of the surface.

Before exposed aggregate sealing, we will determine if staining exposed aggregate borders or accents is necessary. If applicable, we will match the original color or apply a completely new stain depending on the condition of the cement and your preference. Also, we can stain surfaces with no preexisting color as a primary measure to protect the life of the concrete, including traditional cement.

If you're interested in concrete cleaning and sealing, look no further than Powell's Pressure Washing for your Louisville pressure washing and sealing needs! Call our Louisville offices today for an aggregate sealing quote and estimate.

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